Consolidated, later Consolidated-Vultee, built the B-24 Liberator, the other workhorse heavy bomber in the USAAF. The same airframe saw service as the C-87 Liberator Express and as the C-109 tanker. The B-24 was the subject of Design Analysis articles in the November, 1944 issue of Industrial Aviation, where the focus in on the B-24J, and the July, 1945 number of Aviation, which doesn't specify model but also features the B-24J.

A preliminary draft, [ PDF, 21.2 MiB ], recovered from microfilm, of the Aviation Design Analysis article includes some additional material. A later draft [ HTML ] is taken from original magazine sources.

The Industrial Aviation Design Analysis article [ HTML ] provided the rendering responsible for the wallpaper files here.

Air Tech (ie, the USAAF Technical Training Command) had a short-form design analysis of the B-24D in "Air Tech presents the B-24 Liberator" [ HTML ].

While the B-24 was the most-produced 4-engined bomber in the US inventory and was extensively modified and developed during its career, it was not as well documented in the contemporary American press as was the B-17. Some of the variants that were documented are illustrated on their own page.


The Liberator is featured in a number of articles, both on production and on operations:


"Aviation's Sketchbook of Design Detail"
Other drawings