Douglas B-19 Data

Additional details on design, construction, and performance of the great Douglas B-19 bomber are now available. Scheduled to be ready for flight testing late this year, the big bomber now has a crew of 500 engineers, technicians, and mechanics working in three eight-hour shifts to apply the finishing touches to this one airplane. Construction has been underway for nearly four years.

Some 9,000 individual drawings were made during this time, sufficient to cover 4 acres. Nearly 3,000,000 rivets have been driven and 10 miles of electrical wiring and 2 miles of control cable installed. Engineering time on this project will total more than 700,000 man-hours, construction time 1,250,000 man-hours, and test and research 42,500 man-hours. When taken over by the US Army Air Corps the B-19 will serve as a flying laboratory for assembling structural and tactical information.

Design data released includes:

wing spread212 ft
length overall13 ft
weight empty83,253 lb
normal gross weight140,00 lb
provisional gross weight164,000 lb
Top speed210 mph
cruising186 mph
landing69 mph
range7,500 miles
service ceiling22,000 feet
fuel capacity11,000 gallons
crew10 men
bomb load18 ton

This news clip was originally published in the "Aviation Engineering" colmn of the November, 1940, issue of Aviation magazine, vol 39, no 11, p 95.