Round World Record &
Longest Overwater Hop

A new round-the-world flight time record was set, and the longest over-water hop was made, by Maj. Alva L. Harvey, commanding a four-motored Consolidated B-24 bomber leaving Washington, DC, at 7:30 AM Sept 13 and flying East to Washington again.

The trip took members of the Harriman mission to Moscow for a war council. The 18-ton ship made the 24,700-mile run in less time than any other airplane has made it. The itinerary was Gander Lake, Newfoundland; Archangel, Russia; Moscow; Singapore; Darwin, Australia; Wake Island; Honolulu; Los Angeles; Washington. The longest water jump, by a land plane was Singapore to Los Angeles.

Contrary to reports, the Air Force tells this writer that the Harvey trip was not attacked at any point.

This trip should not be confused with the 26,000-mile flight in a B-24 to the Near East and Egypt, by Lt Col Caleb V Haynes, carrying Maj George H Brett, Chief of the Air Corps, and his party. His speed averaged 237 mph.

This news clip is excerpted from the "Aviation Defense" column in the December, 1941, issue of Aviation magazine, vol 40, no 12, p 145.