The War to Date

These are the newest pictures of aircraft and airmen in action to come from war zones. Readers will be kept up to date in this manner.

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This deadly eight-gun battery of rapid-fire cannon is standard equipment aboard large British naval vessels. Picture at right shows battery firing at attacking German warplanes. Note size of shells.

This giant RAF Short Sunderland patrol plane was photographed during a reconnaissance flight along the Greek coast. Sunderland crews take turns at flying ship, sleep or read in plane's bunks during relief (inset).

Newest British warplane in action is the Blackburn Botha. Two 890-hp engines power this new torpedo plane.

The gunner in the Italian bomber above photographed bombing of Albanian town.

"Stick" of British bombs (below) ends up squarely on docks af Valona, Albania.

About to leave on a night raid over Italian objectives in Albania, this RAF bomber crew boards ifs Vickers Wellington based "somewhere in Greece."

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RAF bomber flyers practice use of rubber boat, in case of forced landing in ocean.

British soldier demonstrates rubber boat taken from captured German Dornier Do-I7 bomber. Hand pump on soldier's chest is to keep boar inflated over long periods.

Blurred because of great enlargement from original 16-mm movie film, above picture was taken automatically when Spitfire fired at German Heinkel. Note tracer streaks.

Captured German pilot, arriving at Canadian prison camp, is searched by guard.

Frequently "sunk" by Germans, British carrier Ark Royal is in Mediterranean. Plane is Fairey Swordfish.

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To overcome mud, soft earth and bomb craters, Germans use metal blanket for airport runways. Similar materials also are in use by Royal Air Force.

A large aerial bomb to be dropped over England is about to be loaded aboard a Heinkel bomber. Note plane (left).

Now being delivered to Royal Canadian Air Force are Cessna T-50 twin-engined trainers. First delivery is above.

Hawker Hurricanes below are part of Burma Squadron, first RAF fighters to go into action against Italy.

Now in training at Toronto, Canada, is Royal Norwegian Air Force. Some Norwegian flyers already are fighting with the RAF. Plane in background above is American-built Fairchild M-62 trainer (175 hp Ranger engine).

British freighter leaving New York carries Douglas Bostons (first, third arrows) and Lockheed Hudsons.

This pictorial article was originally published in the April, 1941, issue of Flying and Popular Aviation magazine, vol 28, no 4, pp 18-21.
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Photos credited to Acme, International, British Combine.