Bostons For Britain

The Douglas DB-7 — better known as the Boston — long a leading RAF bomber, is one of the top US warplanes now serving abroad. Britain got acquainted with the ships when she took over a French order after that nation's collapse. Now she gladly buys all available. Many changes are incorporated in the newer models. Reports say some now are being converted into night combat planes and renamed Havocs. These have power-driven turrets and are believed to mount six or eight machine guns. Performance of present Bostons — a US Army version, the A-20A, also is in production — is a military secret. The first ships, the British say, had 325 mph top speed with two 1,250-hp Twin Row Wasp engines, 370 mph with two 1,600-hp double-row Cyclone engines. Range: 1,200 miles at 280 mph. Service ceiling: 32,000 ft. Gross weight: 19,050 lbs.

This short introductory article was originally published in the July, 1941, issue of Flying and Popular Aviation magazine, vol 28, no 7, p 29.
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