German Planes

No outstanding new military models have been produced in Germany since the outbreak of war in September, 1939. Newest types used by the Nazis are derivations of successful aircraft of pre-war development. There has been much conjecture over the possibilities of air raids by German long range bombers, particularly the Heinkel 177. On paper this bomber has a theoretical maximum range of 7,040 mi with a 1000-lb bomb load. Consideration should be given, however, to the fact that to increase the normal range of 1,863 mi to this extent would necessitate the installation of huge fuel tanks in the fuselage. Bomb loadings would then have to be carried externally, thereby greatly increasing drag and reducing speed. Another unfavorable factor facing European-based bombers is that strong headwinds always prevail over the North Atlantic which can spell failure for the mission.

This article was originally published in the April, 1942, issue of Aviation magazine, vol 41, no 4, pp 57-59.