New Nazi Army Cooperation Plane

Appearing on the Eastern front for the first time is the Henschel 129, a low wing twin-engine bomber designed for both anti-tank attacks and low-level bombing and strafing raids. The plane, heavily armored around the cockpit, has a 30 mm. cannon and two heavy machine guns for anti-tank work, or two 20-mm cannon and two lighter machine guns for bombing raids, when a 750-lb bomb can be carried. Notwithstanding a complete absence of armor around the vital structural parts of the plane and engines, the top speed is only 275 mph, and experience has indicated that this type of plane can only operate with reasonable success when covered by large numbers of pursuits and fighters.

This article was originally published as part of the "Aviation Abroad" column in the December, 1942, issue of Aviation magazine, vol 41, no 12, p 287.