Japanese Aircraft

In the following photos and silhouettes of Japanese aircraft it will be observed that while practically all are outright copies of American, German, French or Italian designs, built with or without license in Japan, some are of native design. This seems to be particularly true in regard to naval aircraft — there are reports that the Japanese Navy, unlike the Army, has placed more reliance upon the home-grown product — two examples of which appear to be the Aichi Tokei AI 92 and the Kawasaki Kawa 102 (see silhouettes below). Of course, all Jap airplanes stem originally from foreign sources, but they have developed some good torpedo bombers which are said to be better than anything used in European navies.

This recognition article was originally published in the March, 1942, issue of Aviation magazine, vol 41, no 3, pp 60-61.
Photos and silhouettes are not credited.