Final Training For the Real Thing

Bomber crews learn teamwork on Flying Fortresses at operational training base

BIG BOMBERS NEED BIG CREWS, both in the air and on the ground. And big crews, to be successful, must work as a team.

To develop such teamwork to a high degree before either the planes of crews go into actual combat, the Army Air Forces has established operational training bases where air- and ground-crews meet for "the last stop on the road to war."

This exclusive picture series, made at a base "somewhere in the northwest," shows how the teams are groomed to take their B-17 Flying Fortresses into action.

This (primarily pictorial) article was originally published in the October, 1942, issue of Aviation magazine, vol 41, no 10, pp 203, 205.
The PDF of this article includes seven captioned photos showing ground crew interaction with B-17Es and two flight shots of B-17Es.
Photos credited to Gordon Williams and Ed Johnson.