DC-4 In The Army

Now Airborne troops and supplies. heretofore almost exclusively an Axis monopoly, at least in the war news dispatches, will soon become an Allied Nations communique term, when the new. huge Douglas C-54s, now in mass production, go into service. Judging by production photographs just released, that day is not far distant.

Originally planned as an airline luxury ship, and listed as the DC-4, the huge transport was taken over by the US Army Air Corps, changed in several respects to increase its performance, and is beginning to come off the Douglas assembly lines in increasing numbers.

It is equipped with a tricycle landing gear of the retractable type, with paired main wheels and a tricycle nose wheel, that give added braking power for short landings. It is powered with four 1350-hp Pratt & Whitney Twin Wasps. As altered by the Army it will carry a greater load. faster, higher and farther, and that's all they'll say about it.

This news clip was originally published in the April, 1942, issue of Aviation magazine, vol 41, no 4, p 167.
Photo credited to Three Lions.