New German Dive Bomber

Details have been released about the new German level and dive bomber, the Dornier Do-217, which is equipped with a rather unique diving brake in the form of two or four flaps which open up from the abnormally long and pointed tail. It is said that this innovation assists in controlling the plane during dives, when it opens up like an umbrella.

The powerplant consists of two 1,600 hp. BMW-801-type 14-cylinder radials, the same as used in the new FW-190, equipped with cooling fans, and installed in very deep and narrow cowlings. Armament consists of a number of 15-mm cannon and 0.3 guns, installed in the fuselage, in turrets in the nose and on top of the control cabin. The plane is said to be well armored, and can carry a maximum of 6,600 lb of bombs. With a gross weight of 32,700 lb. the top speed is around 275 mph with full bomb load, service ceiling 22,500 ft and range 1,000 mi. Without bombs the top speed is 325 mph and the ceiling 29,000 ft.

This news clip was originally published in the October, 1942, issue of Aviation magazine, vol 41, no 10, p 267.