Spotter's Quiz No 19
Miscellaneous Types

145 Spitfire VII

This clipped-wing version of the Spitfire V is used for high-speed low-level work. Removable wing tips, incorporated for ease of maintenance, made this conversion quite easy. The Mark VIIs wingspan is 34', length is 29' 11". It has one cannon, two machine guns.

146 Spitfire IX

The Spitfire IX contains several radical changes from the firmly-held Mitchell design line. It is powered by the Rolls-Royce Merlin 61, which is equipped with a two-stage supercharger. It swings a four-bladed propeller, has twin radiators, one under each wing.

147 Vought Kingfisher

Probably the best-known catapult scout, the OS2U is used either on floats from cruisers and capital ships or on wheels from land bases. The Kingfisher has a wingspan of 35' 10-15/16"; the seaplane version is 33' 7" long. It has a top speed of 171 mph.

148 Defiant II

The only single-engined combat plane to be equipped with a standard four-gun turret, the Defiant was the hero of the Dunkerque evacuation. This sleek two-place ship has a wingspan of 39' 6" and is 35' 11" long. It is powered by a Rolls-Royce Merlin engine.

149 Miles Master I

Britain’s best-known advanced trainer design, the Master is supposed to be the fastest ship in its class. Built entirely of wood, it is powered by a 720-hp Rolls-Royce Kestrel engine, which gives it a 270 top. Span is 39', length is 30' 8". They are for towing targets.

150 Miles Master III

The Master III is quite similar to the Mark I series except for the substitution of an 850-hp Pratt & Whitney radial air-cooled engine. It is identical in appearance with the Master II, which is powered by a 835-hp Bristol Mercury engine. Eagle Squadron got training in Masters.

151 Curtiss Seamew

Another scout usable either from ship's catapult or from land, the Curtiss Seamew or Seagull is the only tactical plane powered by the 520-hp 12-cylinder Vee-type air-cooled Ranger engine. It has a span of 38' and is 35' 8" long. Its top speed is about 200 mph.

152 Messerschmitt 109G

The latest in the Me-109 dynasty, it differs from the F model only in power plant and armament. The new ship carries the 1500-hp Daimler-Benz 605 engine and is armed with three 22-mm cannon and two machine guns.

This "Spotter's Quiz" column was originally published in the August 15, 1943, issue of Air News magazine, vol 5, no 2, pp 31, 34-35.
The original Quiz includes 16 photos and 8 three-view silhouettes, 2 photos and 1 three-view for each type listed.
Photos credited to British Combine, Curtiss-Wright Corp.