Spotter's Quiz No 20

153 Hawker Typhoon

Alternate to the widely discussed Tornado, this ship was brought out when the Tornado's Vulture engine failed to pan out. Powered by a 2,400-hp Napier Sabre engine, the Typhoon, largest single-engine fighter, is 31' 11" long and has a 41' 7" span.

154 Fulmar

The Fulmar is unique among carrier fighters in that the observer-radio operator takes no part in combat. His chief job is to keep track of the carrier's position. The pilot fires all 8 guns. Span is 46', length 40' 3"; powered by a Rolls-Royce Merlin.

155 General Hotspur

Probably the best-streamlined operational glider on the Allied side, it has been used chiefly for training pilots and glider-borne troops. Built of wood, fabric-covered, it has a span of 45' 11" and is 39' 9" long. Landing gear is disposable.

156 Henschel 126

The Hs-126 army cooperation plane serves a function in the Luftwaffe similar to the Lysander. It is one of the few fixed-landing-gear types in use. Span is 47' 6¾", length 35' 7". Powered by a 830-hp Bramo Fafnir radial engine, top speed is about 230 mph.

157 Stormovik Il-2C

Russia's most spectacular ship is the low-flying Il-2C or Stormovik, which has wrecked more Nazi tanks than any single weapon in Russia. Wingspan is 49', ship is 38' 6" long. It is powered by a 1.300-hp M-38 V-12 engine, has two 32-mm cannon, 4 machine guns.

158 Arado 196

Arado 196 twin-float seaplanes were used on catapult duty on most of Germany's pocket battleships. Their span is 49' 2.5", length, 38' 2½", powered by a 930-hp Bramo Fafnir engine, and armed with two cannon, two cowl machine guns, one flexible machine gun.

159 Hawker Hurricane IID

Britain's latest antidote for Panzers is the Hurricane IID. Similar to the standard IIC fighter except for armament, it totes a 40-mm Hotchkiss anti-tank gun under each wing. Span is 40', length 32' 3". Was considered deadliest anti-tank weapon in Africa.

160 Vought Corsair

First carrier-type fighter built on the new premise that shipboard craft must also be able to operate from land. The Corsair has a span of 40' 11.5" and an overall length of 35' 4". Powered by a 2000-hp Pratt & Whitney engine, top speed is in the Spitfire class.

This "Spotter's Quiz" column was originally published in the September 15, 1943, issue of Air News magazine, vol 5, no 3, pp 19, 34-35.
The original Quiz includes 16 photos and 8 three-view silhouettes, 2 photos and 1 three-view for each type listed.
Photos credited to International, British Combine, Pix, Sovfoto, Air News Photo, US Navy.