Spotter's Quiz No 21
50-60 Foot Wingspan

161 Dornier DO-17Z2

Partner in infamy with the Do-17, last of the Flying Pencils, this Luftwaffe warrior has span of 59', is 53' 5" long, weighs 19,481 pounds, has speed of 255 mph.

162 Airspeed Oxford V

One of Britain's most widely used transitional trainers, the Oxford measures 53' 4" in wing span, is 34' 6" long, weighs 7,300 pounds, has speed of 169 mph.

163 Messerschmitt 210

Best of the Nazi twin-engine fighter types but still second-rate, it has wing span of 53' 9", measures 40' 3" in length, weighs 20,000 pounds, has speed of 365 mph.

164 Lockheed Lightning I

Most versatile of the modern twin-engine fighters, the P-38 serving the RAF has span of 52', measures 37' 9-15/16", weighs 14,350 pounds, has top speed of 360 mph.

165 Bristol Beaufighter

Now operating in several versions as torpedo-fighter, this ship has wing span of 57' 10", measures 41', 4" in length, weighs 24,000 pounds, has speed of 300 mph.

166 Bristol Blenheim V

Officially the Bolingbroke in Canada, known erroneously as the Bisley, this veteran ship has wing span of 56', measures 43' 1" in overall length, has top speed of over 200 mph.

167 Westland Lysander III

Veteran army cooperation ship, this rugged plane is now towing targets in a stressed version with wing span of 50', length of 30' 6", weight of 6,015 pounds, speed of 195 mph.

168 Dornier Do-217E2

Bigger than its partner, this Dornier is distinguished by drogue tail, versatility. It has wing span of 62' 5", is 56' 6" long, weighs 33,700 pounds, speed is 324 mph.

This "Spotter's Quiz" column was originally published in the October, 1943, issue of Air News magazine, vol 5, no 3, pp 17, 28-29.
The original Quiz includes 14 photos, 2 drawings and 8 three-view silhouettes, 2 photos (or drawings) and 1 three-view for each type listed.
Photos credited to European, British Information Service, Harold Kulick, Air News Drawing by Robert Lindgren, Lockheed.