New German Equipment

The new BMW plant in Munich is expected to concentrate on the production of BMW-802s, a new 18-cyl air-cooled radial engine of 2,000 hp bearing striking resemblance to the twin-row Wrights and P&Ws. This engine will be used for modified types of the FW-190 and Do-217, which have proven to be underpowered when encountering new Allied aircraft.

Also coming into production in French plants is the Siebel 204, a twin-engined machine with two As410 engines of 450 hp. This plane is a model built in 1939 for private use. It can carry up to six passengers.

On the Eastern front, a new transport plane, as yet unidentified, has been seen on several occasions. Twin-engined, with tail surfaces carried on booms, and using tricycle landing-gear, together with the special high-lift devices, the plane might be a product of Fieseler, which is known to have been working for some time on aircraft of this type. Gross weight is said to be 40,000 lb, with a cargo capacity of about half that figure.

German Research

All aeronautical research in Germany has now been brought together under a Director of Research in the Air Ministry who reports directly to Goering. Main reason for this change seems to be the great number of research institutes which have been established, all working enthusiastically on their own pet projects without paying much attention to the efforts of their fellow researchers.

Another reason is the urgent need of the German Army for manpower, which necessitates control over research to eliminate duplication of effort. Central control of a person with authority also results in increased attention to new discoveries by members of the new armament commissions.

These articles were originally published as part of the "Aviation Abroad" column in the January, 1943, issue of Aviation magazine, vol 42, no 1, p 295.