Russia Releases Data On LAGG-3 Wooden Craft

Full details were recently released on the Russian LAGG-3 pursuit, which is constructed out of plastic bonded plywood. With a 39' 9½" span and a length of 29' 5", the plane weighs 5,770 lb empty or 7,000 lb fully loaded.

With a 1,350-hp engine, the plane has a top speed of 348 mph at 16,500 ft, with a 30,000-ft ceiling and a 400-mi range. The plane is said to land at 87 mph, extremely low for a high speed pursuit, equipped with 20-mm cannon and heavy armor.

Interesting construction features are the low-pressure hydraulic system operating the landing gear and flaps, also the exhaust gas converter. The latter changes exhaust gases to inert gas, which is piped into the gas tanks to eliminate explosive fumes.

This news clip was originally published as part of the "Aviation Abroad" column in the October, 1943, issue of Aviation magazine, vol 42, no 10, p 272.