Mass Producing Fortresses

To obtain utmost production from available facilities, and thereby eliminate the necessity for additional factory space, Boeing over a year ago solved the problem of vastly increased orders for the Flying Fortress by devising "Multiline" production. By this means it is now possible to obtain a more complete utilization of floor area, workers and equipment. While in some respects, "Multiline" production can be compared to prefabrication, it goes much farther. It involves precompletion of major portions of the Flying Fortresses, simplifying final assembly procedure into what is actually a joining and hookup process.

This article was originally published in the "Industrial Aviation" section of the August, 1943 issue of Flying magazine, vol 33, no 2, p 138.
This article is a one-page photo essay on B-17 production.
The PDF of this article [ PDF, 3.6 MiB ] includes a flight photo of a B-17F seen from 9 o'clock and four photos of subassemblies on the factory floor.
Photos credited to Boeing Aircraft Co.