Vought-Sikorsky Corsair

Practically the last word in Navy fighters, the Vought-Sikorsky Corsair is a honey visually as well as operationally. It is powered by 18-cylinder, two-row, radial, air-cooled Pratt & Whitney Wasp, rated at 2,000 hp at takeoff, and 1,550 hp at 16,000-21,500 feet. Its speed is 390 mph at 25,300 feet. The normal range is 970 miles at 177 mph. The design of the Corsair was based directly on combat intelligence. Operation showed that carrier-based aircraft must not be inferior to land-based planes for two reasons: they had to fight them and they had to operate from land bases themselves on many occasions. Partly solving the problem was a ship with short landing run and good control while landing: the Corsair. Inverted gull wing gives a cushioning effect when plane lands.

This photo was originally published in the June, 1943, issue of Air News magazine, vol 4, no 6, p 26.
Photo credited to Hans Groenhoff.