War in the Air

On every front on earth aircraft continue their growing role of devastation. Some of the most spectacular war photographs in history are being produced daily by the air warfare raging everywhere. These pictures illustrate clearly the vast range and scope of the military airplane. As spring approaches many more warplanes are going into operation, with Allied production already well ahead of the Axis.

[Note: "War in the Air" is a four-page pictorial essay on aviation around the war. —JLM]

This photo essay was originally published in the March, 1943, issue of Flying magazine, vol 323, no 3, pp 22-25.
The PDF of this article includes some 18 photographs from around the world. Aircraft featured include B-17, I-26 (Russian), Boston, SBD, B-24, P-38, Cant Z-506B (Italian), Aichi K-99, Hurricane.
Photos credited to Acme, Sovfoto, British Combine, US Navy-International, International, US Signal Corps-Acme.