Big Nazi

Lost in the background of Germany’s vast Luftwaffe is the little-realized fact of the Nazis' early development of transport planes using four engines and capable of carrying 40 passengers, in addition to a crew of four. Comparable to the Douglas Skymaster is the Junkers Ju-90 which, shortly before the outbreak of war, landed at Croydon airport, London, to pay a friendly visit. Rare production pictures of this big plane (wing span, 114' 10", length 86' 3") were secured from Germany by Flying before the war and are shown on this page. The Ju-90, as a troop-cargo carrier, has been reported on many fronts.

This short pictorial article was originally published in the May, 1943, issue of Flying including Industrial Aviation magazine, vol 32, no 5, p 80.
The original article includes 4 photos.
Photo captions: Photos are not credited .