Martin Mars

Martin Mars, Gargantua of 1943's skyways, is powered by four 2,000-hp Wright Cyclone air-cooled engines. In 1937, the Navy awarded the contract for world's largest flying ship to Glen L Martin, whose record for behemoth-building — China Clipper and sister ships — was well established. The keel was laid on August 22. 1940. Launching took place on November 5, 1941. On bomber patrol duty, a crew of 11 can be carried, with sleeping accommodations for 13. Entire flight deck, large portion of main deck are supercharged. Interior is air-conditioned. Cubic content of hull is that of 14- or 15-room house. Used as a transport ship. the 140,000-lb plane could carry 150 fully armed men to Europe and back nonstop. Successor to Mars, 240,000-lb ship now on drafting board.

This photo was originally published in the June, 1943, issue of Air News magazine, vol 4, no 6, p 26.
Photo credited to Hans Groenhoff.