About That Mosquito

Though officially described as a reconnaissance bomber, it's now indicated that the RAF's deHavilland Mosquito will find a much wider field of activity. Details are by no means complete, and most performance figures are a tight secret, though demonstrations seem to indicate a top speed approaching that of modern fighters.

This midwing plane has a 41' length and a 54' span, with a height of 15'. It is of simple wooden construction, which lends itself to widely dispersed manufacture. Both main wheels and tailwheel are retractable, and the whole design has resulted in a very low drag, allowing the Mosquito to be used both for long range and high speed missions.

Armament varies, may consist of either four 20-mm cannon or a larger number of machine guns, all mounted in the wings. The plane itself shows a marked resemblance to the deHavilland Comet of Melbourne race fame, thus appears to support rumors bandied during '39 and '40 that the Comet was being used as a new military plane prototype. DeHavilland has made no other operational aircraft in this war, though the company contributed quite a number of aircraft famous in World War I, some of which were used later in America.

This article was originally published as part of the "Aviation Abroad" column in the January, 1943, issue of Aviation magazine, vol 42, no 1, p 295.