Allies Make Check On Captured Stukas

Several intact models of the Ju-87D, latest model of the famed (or infamous) Stuka dive bomber, have been captured during the African campaign. Amazingly enough, the plane still has the original type engine and armament, and can only be used when air superiority over the target has been established — which does not happen very often any more.

It is rather curious that the Nazis are trailing every nation in the world in the development of better dive bombers — or could it be that they feel that the need for more fighter protection against the joint British American raids is more pressing? This seems to be borne out by the new Me-115, which has been seen off and on along the Eastern front and also occasionally over Western Europe.

Very evidently an answer to new Allied types, this plane is equipped with an X-type engine consisting of two 1,100-hp DB-601s, apparently designated DB-606. Complete lack of mention of this plane in German notices, usually fast in calling anything and everything German the best and fastest in the world, seems to confirm the Aeroplane's viewpoint that the plane is still far from satisfactory and that the Nazis prefer to keep its failure quiet.

This news clip was originally published as part of the "Aviation Abroad" column in the March, 1943, issue of Aviation magazine, vol 42, no 3, p 295.