Spotter's Quiz No 23
Wing Span – 70-90 Feet

177 Gotha 244

A powered development of the Gotha 242 glider, this latest German troop plane bears little resemblance to anything aeronautical. Twin engines are Gnome-Rhone radials rated at 950 hp. Span is 79', length is 52' 6".

178 Airspeed Horsa

Motorless companion to the Oxford, the Horsa is perhaps the cleanest of all large gliders, contributed much to success of Sicilian invasion. It has a wing span of exactly 88', measures 67' in overall length.

179 SB-3

Used on duties similar to those assigned to Havocs, the Russian medium bomber is an offensive workhorse. Powered by two supercharged M-103 engines, it has top speed of 280 mph. It has wing span of 70' 6", measures 40' in length.

180 Ilyushin DB-3

Stable-mate of the Stormovik, the DB-3 is the primary long-range Soviet bomber. Powered by two M-87N radials rated at 1100 hp, it has top speed of 270 mph, range of 2,000 miles. Span is 70', length about 55'.

181 deHavilland DH-95

Known as the Flamingo in civil use, as the Hertfordshire in military camouflage, the DeHavilland 95 is powered by two 900-hp Bristol radials, has speed of 240 mph, range of 1,200 miles. It has wing span of 70', is 51' 10" long.

182 Cant 1008

One of the best engineered of all large Italian aircraft, the Cant 1008 may conceivably fly alongside B-17s in coming months. Powered by three Piaggio RC-40 radials, it has speed of 265 mph. Span is 81' 6", length 60' 6".

183 Martin B-26C

Listed last month in its original version as a 60-70-foot span airplane, the B-26C, with longer wings to suit RAF takeoff specifications, has wing span of 71', measures 58' 3" in length. Note changed rear turret.

184 Svenska B-18

Externally similar to the Dornier "flying pencils", internally based on Swedish experience with the Junkers 86, the all-Swedish B-18 has wing span of 72', is 63' 5" long. Performance data have not been released.

This "Spotter's Quiz" column was originally published in the issue of Air News magazine, vol 6, no 1, pp 29, 43.
The original Quiz includes 16 photos and 8 three-view silhouettes, 2 photos and 1 three-view for each type listed.
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