More details on Avro York, transport version of Lancaster bomber. This plane, it's now stated, can carry a load of 10 tons over distances up to 1,250 mi or 56 passengers with baggage, mail, and express. With smaller loads the range increases to more than 3,000 mi, which can be covered at speeds averaging 275 mph.

British officials were red-faced recently when two strictly hush-hush aircraft were included in an air show and two teenagers were found making sketches of them to add to their collections.

Group Capt F Whittle, jet propulsion developer, was recently elected a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society at a meeting of the Society's Council. This election, directly by the council, is a special distinction reserved for those who have done signal service in the advancement of aviation.

RAF has received its first service craft with tricycle landing gear — the Armstrong Whitworth Albemarle, (taken off the secret list in January). A wood and steel plane, it will be used, according to reports, in invasion glider towing.

These news clips were originally published in the "International Briefs" subhead of the "Aviation Abroad" column of the March, 1944, issue of Aviation magazine, vol 43, no 3, p 267.