Luftwaffe Loser

That hottest of Nazi fighters, the Messerschmitt Me-410, can be brought down, as is shown. Developed from famed Me-210, this craft is powered by two 1,400-hp Daimler Benz liquid-cooled engines. Firepower, concentrated in nose, consists of two cannon and four machine guns, outlets for which can be seen. Radio operator-gunner faces backwards in seat just behind pilot, with his defensive armament consisting of single machine guns in remote controlled barbettes on each side of fuselage (in manner detailed on p 235, April, 1943, Aviation).

According to Axis reports, lilies of the valley and chrysanthemums have an odor which deteriorates the flying abilities of pilots. In this case — and without treason — we say, "A bouquet to the Japanazis!"

The German He-177 bomber, lately used only for high altitude reconnaissance, is being modified to fire the new Henschel 293-type radio-controlled glider-bombs.

To the list of German freak planes can be added that new five-engined craft — built up of two He-111 bombers and used for glider towing.

These news clips were originally published in the "Aviation Abroad" column of the April, 1944, issue of Aviation magazine, vol 43, no 4, p 215.