A modification of Fw-190 (probably known as 290) features a new 2,000-hp inline engine. Performance is not known yet, but it should be shown "upped" by this increased power.

According to latest reports, Germany's best glider bomb can be controlled from 18,000-ft distance. This is improved Hs-293, generally carried by He-177 bomber.

Henschel is also building a new fighter known as Hs-219. So far it's seen only limited action.

German "Siamese Twin" glider tug — two He-111 bombers joined together — mounts four DB-601N inline engines, plus one BMW-801 radial engine at joining point of two planes.

Nazis have been using new Arado Ar-240 reconnaissance airplane over England (said to be slow and hence easy prey for Allied fighters).

It's said Germany is developing her monster Me-323 "six-engine glider" into a bomber.

Reports indicates Heinkel has developed a transport plane, known as He-274, from the He-177 bomber, featuring four engines in two nacelles and driving contra-rotating propellers.

These news clips were originally published in the "International Briefs" subhead of the "Aviation Abroad" column in the July, 1944, issue of Aviation magazine, vol 43, no 7, p 228.