More New Nazi Craft
The list of new German aircraft types is steadily lengthening. Among the latest said to be under construction are the FW-154 and FW-191, twin-engined fighters, and the FW-300, a six-engine long-range transport.

Further, Heinkel is making the new He-234, four-engine bomber-transport; the He-277, an improved version of the He-177 bomber; and the He-280 jet fighter, powered by two Junkers Jumo 004 units. In addition, Messerschmitt has brought out the Me-243 and Me-250, long-range four-engine bombers, and Henschel has the Hs-294, a development of the Hs-293 radio-controlled glider-bomb.

Several virtually undamaged Heinkel He-177s were captured in France, giving experts a chance to study plane's special power installation, consisting of four DB-603 engines — two fitted in each nacelle to drive single props.

These news clips were originally published in the "Aviation Abroad" column in the December, 1944, issue of Aviation magazine, vol 43, no 12, p 233.