Fastest Engine Change on Record

The engine-change story to end all others was made on December 17 at a China air base when thirteen members of the "China's Blitzer" Squadron of General Chennault's 14th AAF collaborated to put a P-40 airplane into the air exactly three hours and twenty-one minutes after it had been called out of commission for engine change.

The play-by-play on what is believed to be the fastest job of its kind on record: the plane was called out of commission at 8:07 AM; the engine change had been completed at 10:25, and the engine ground test at 10:55. By the time the cowling had been buttoned back on and the ship declared "" again, it was only 11:25; three minutes later it was airborne, and an hour's slow time had been finished at 12:28 AM[sic].

The job was supervised by Lt Weldon S Deck of London, TX, with M/Sgt Curtis R Spears of Mountain View, CA in charge of the ground crew.

This news clip was originally published in the "Shop Talk" column of the April, 1944, issue of Air Tech magazine, vol 4, no 3, p 10.
The original news clip included 1 captioned photo.
Photo credited to 14th Air Force.

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