More-Power-Plus Thunderbolt

New Republic P-47 Thunderbolt fighter-bomber, with greater power and range of action, and stated to carry heaviest bomb load of any single-engine fighter, is now in combat in European and Pacific theaters. Powered with turbosupercharged, 2,000-plus-hp, 18-cyl P & W Double Wasp engine, it has larger water injection capacity which adds several hundred extra hp. and doubles time of peak emergency power use. States company: "Paddle-blade" propeller increases climbing speed 400 ft per min. Plane can do better than 400 mph, exceeds 700 mph in power dive, and with 50 percent more oxygen capacity has longer operation at altitudes up to more than 7 mi. Added internal fuel capacity gives longer range, which can be extended when auxiliary tanks are substituted for 1,000-lb. bomb under each wing. New "bubble" canopy affords "round-the-clock" visibility, and new gunsight provides improved sighting for eight 50-cal wing guns.

This news clip was originally published in the July, 1944, issue of Aviation magazine, vol 43, no 7, p 213.