Stalag Luft

The information on this page is drawn from Mark Hickman's "The Pegasus Archive",
He, in turn, credits Moosburg Online,, as a source.

Stalag LuftBarth, Germany3/401/41
Stalag LuftSudauen, Poland?/39?/42
Stalag Luft IBarth, Germany2/425/45
Stalag Luft IIBarth, Germany1/412/42
Stalag Luft IILodz, Poland9/41?/43
Stalag Luft IIKönigsberg, Poland?/43?/45
Stalag Luft IIISagan. Poland5/421/45
Stalag Luft IVSudauen, Poland?/425/44
Stalag Luft IVGroß-Tychow, Poland5/442/45
Stalag Luft VWolfen, Germany3-6/4312/44
Stalag Luft VGröditz, Germany
Stalag Luft VIHeydekrug, Lithuania6/437/44
Stalag Luft VISt Wendel, Germany8/4411/44
Stalag Luft VIIMoritzfelde, Russia6/4312/43
Stalag Luft VIIBankau, Poland?/44?/45

From the dates and locations, it would appear that the original Stalag Luft was established in 1939 at Sudauen, Poland. In March, 1940, another (or a branch) was opened in Barth, Germany. In January, 1941, the camp at Barth was renamed Stalag Luft II. Stalag Luft II seems to have been split in February, 1942, with the camp in Barth being renamed Stalag Luft I and the Stalag Luft II name being transferred to Lodz. At about the same time, the Stalag Luft in Sudauen was renamed Stalag Luft IV.

Stalag Luft II is noted as being associated with the Litzmannstadt concentration camp during its tenure at Lodz.

There seems to have been a rush to build new camps in the first half of 1943 — camps 5, 6 and 7 show as being opened in the spring of 1943; camp 2 seems to have been moved in the same time frame.

Camps in Poland presumably were moved or closed as the Red Army approached.