Tools and equipment for construction of Junkers 88 craft are said to have been flown to Japan prior to Germany's defeat. Several of these planes have already been seen in Far East, where they have code name Janice.

Additions to list of German swan-song planes are: He-177 with four engines in four nacelles instead. of two; six-engined Ju-390, said to have been readied for Hitler's escape; and 60-ton 6-engined FW-300 bomber.

In last gasp, Luftwaffe used outmoded Stukas in attempt to stem Allied tide. Reports even have it that Nazis put World War I war planes into the air.

These news clips were originally published in the "International Briefs" section of the "Aviation Abroad" column in the June, 1945, issue of Aviation magazine, vol 44, no 6, p 220.