Liberator Service Dock

Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corp has developed a "prefabricated hangar," deigned to facilitate the servicing of aircraft in remote combat areas (see drawing below).

With minimum equipment and a crew of 8 men, one of the big structures can be erected in only 3 days. It will withstand an 80 mph gust, or a steady 70 mph wind, and it enables aircraft ground crews to go on with their work despite rain, sun, snow, sand, and other similar hindrances.

All parts for the building are prefabricated in San Diego; and, since the parts are numbered in accordance with their locations, workmen do not have to refer to blueprints in the course of assembly operations. Except for the front portion which comprises a water-and-fire-proof curtain, the hangar is of metal. Although it was designed specifically to accommodate the large dimensions of Liberator bombers, it can be used in servicing aircraft of a smaller size.

Facilities of the hangar include all work benches and tools normally required for the servicing and repair of aircraft. In addition, the hangar could serve as a barracks building for ground crew in areas where conventional housing facilities are not available.