Rear-View Mirrors

Rear-vision mirrors for fighter pilots must withstand extremes of heat and cold, plus rough usage. After many tests, the AAF Materiel Command has selected chromium as the best all-around material. One type of mirror is shown above mounted in a Mustang fighter plane. Possessing less reflectivity than gold, silver, nickel or lead sulfide, chromium-backed glass mirrors are the only ones to meet AAF specifications. They must withstand a temperature variation from -65° to plus 165° and remain unshattered from nearby hits. A heavy adhesive sheet across the back of the mirror prevents glass from shattering in case of a direct hit. Below, three of the curved mirrors are shown mounted around the inside of a Navy Corsair's hatch. Cost of the mirrors varies from $3 to $8. The 2¾ × 5½-inch curved mirror has a demagnification standard of 2.5 to one.

This news clip with photos was originally published in the June, 1945, issue of Flying magazine, vol 36, no 6, p 116.
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