"N" 'Bolt Has More Reach

Latest model Republic Thunderbolt is this P-47N which has a top speed of more than 450 mph and a 1,000-mi-plus combat radius. Featured on new fighter are larger wings with squared-off tips, added aileron area, eight more tanks which almost double fuel capacity of former P-47D, and a dorsal fin extension to improve directional stability. Armament is now ten 5-in rockets, two 500-lb bombs, and eight .50-cal guns. A P&W R-2800-C engine delivers added takeoff hp, and a larger, more efficient GE CH-5 turbosupercharger has increased craft's top speed at high altitudes. Improved water injection equipment gives considerable power lift for longer periods than previously. Many controls have been made automatic to minimize pilot fatigue.

This news clip was originally published in the May, 1945, issue of Aviation magazine, vol 44, no 5, p 211.