Enemy Warplanes

The peace is not yet. In Europe the Luftwaffe, though perhaps in a dying surge, still rises to meet the vicious attacks of our Allied bombers and fighters. In the Pacific area and over China, combat planes marked with the insigne of the Rising Sun strike mighty blows at our war machine in the grim hope of staving off their final and complete defeat. These warplanes of the enemy nations are formidable weapons being used against us. Today's box score may give us air superiority over the Axis, but the enemy's air power cannot be discredited until its armies, ground, sea and air, accept unconditional surrender on every battlefront.

Note: this is a pictorial article. Below are the captions to the photos with links to the page the photo is on.

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Me-110 Pressed into service as long-range fighter-bomber, the twin-engined Messerschmitt 110 carries two 550-lb bombs, four machine guns. It has speed of 365 mph, range of 1,500 miles, and is powered by two 1,200-hp DB engines.

Ju-88 The Luftwaffe's all-purpose plane, the four-place, twin-engine Junkers 88 is used as night fighter and dive bomber. It carries three machine guns and a 20-mm cannon, has top speed of 317 mph and a range of 2,520 miles.

Fw-187 Germany's two-place, twin-engine interceptor that can double as light bomber is the Focke-Wulf 187. Armed with two 20-mm cannon and four machine guns, the Fw-187 has speed close to 400 mph, 1,500-mile range.

Ju-52 The workhorse of Luftwaffe, Junkers 52 has been used to rescue German men and materiel from before the sweeping Russian forces. It is powered by three 760-hp engines, has speed of 189 mph and range of 1,000 miles.

Ju-87 The famed Stuka is still a prized airplane by the Germans. It carries three machine guns and a 1,000-lb bomb, has top speed of only 250 mph, a maximum range of only 350 miles, and is powered by a 1,200-hp engine.

He-177 This is said to be one of Germany's better bombers. The Heinkel 177 is powered by four 1,600-hp engines that drive two props, is armed with machine guns and tail cannon, has speed of 280 mph, and a range of 2,795 miles.

Me-410 This new fighter-bomber is a modification of the Me-210. More powerful engines give it much greater speed. It is armed with 50-mm cannon and has remotely controlled gun blisters on each side of the fuselage.

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Fw-190 One of the Nazis' best fighters, it is outclassed by Allied planes. It has speed of 400 mph, 520-mile range and is armed with four 20-mm cannon, two machine guns.

Fw-200 This seagoing reconnaissance bomber was former threat to Allied shipping. It Carries 6,600-lb. bomb load, has top speed of 279 mph, range of 3,000 miles.

Do-217E The Dornier multi-purpose bomber with a 324-mph top speed and a 1,500-mile range, has had its 6,600-lb bomb load increased by using jet take-off.

Fw-189 The Nazis are using this twin-boomed, twin-tailed 222-mph plane as a photographic plane. It is armed with four machine guns, is used on Russian front.

He-115 Heinkel designed the 115 for mine-laying and torpedo-planting. It is armed with four machine guns, has top speed of 217 mph and a range of 1,305 miles.

Me-163 The Germans' rocket-propelled fighter plane is the Messerschmitt Me-163. A single-jet job, some versions of the Me-163 have rounded wingtips, others are squared.

Me-262 Nazis' twin-rocket-propelled fighter is the Messerschmitt 262. It is said to be faster than the "550-mph-class" Me-163. Photo shows rear view of the Me-262.

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Go-242 One of Germany's largest gliders, the Gotha 242 carries twenty-one fully equipped troops, two pilots.

Bv-222 Ranked with Fw-200, the Blohm and Voss is powered by 1,000-hp engines, has top speed of 199 mph

Me-109G This is still the Nazis' old trusty. (This one was captured by Allies). Powered by a 1,600-hp engine, the ME-109G has top Speed of 390 mph, range of 420 miles, armed with two cannon, four or more machine guns.

Jet-Propelled Fighter, Me-262. shown here in flight. is powered by two jet units. No other details available

Me-210 This heavily armed, two-place attack bomber has top speed of 368 mph and a range of 1,700 miles .

The pictorial article of which this is a section was originally published in the March, 1943, issue of Skyways magazine, vol 4, no 3, pp 42-47.
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