Captured Nazi Combat Planes

This is a pictorial article. The captions for the photos are listed below.

  1. 1. BP-20 Nose-shot of Viper shows twenty-four rockets. Rocket plane's duration of flight was only two minutes
  2. BP-20 Before it hits target, tail falls off, pilot is ejected. Both 'chute down. Radio-controlled to 39,2000 ft.
  3. Horton-229 This was Nazi's "Buck Rogers" creation (shown without wings). It is twin-jet flying wing.
  4. Fl-282 German observation helicopter had two counter-rotationg rotors (not shown). Speed was 100 mph.
  5. Hs-129 This ground attack bomber, a single-seater, was armed with three cannon and two machine guns
  6. Ju-388K Night-fighter-bomber. carrying four, had 1,110-mile range. 363-mph top speed (with power boost)
  7. He-162 This twin-tailed jet, single-seater fighter had a top speed of 522 mph, and climbed 4,230 ft/min.
  8. Close-Up shows details of jet unit atop fuselage and aft of pilot's cockpit. Plane was armed with two guns.
  9. Me-262A Two-place in fighter had top speed of 530-mph. 90-minute range. Note radar on its nose.
  10. Me-262A-1 Single-place, shows location of two jet units. It climbs at rate of 8,750 ft/min; had four cannons
  11. He-111 Twin-engine. six-place bomber carried 6,600 pounds of bombs. Rockets at wing-root assisted takeoff.
  12. Me-163 Rocket-type interceptor had no horizontal tail surfaces; had speed of 55o mph, very short range.

This pictorial article was originally published in the December, 1945, issue of Skyways magazine, vol 4, no 12, pp 62-63.
Photos are not credited.