Looking back from some 70 years later, the motives behind the various Design Analysis articles is not clear. They could have been advanced advertising by the manufacturers — either in the "see how clever we were in coming up with this successful design" or "we are the creators of this wondrous plane" or my method/process/design is better than yours" modes — or propaganda by the military to counter, in the minds of the most knowledgeable population, some of the criticisms of our air fleet. Whatever the motivations, though, the articles are now an invaluable resource for the historian or warbird buff to see into the beliefs of the people who designed and built these marvelous machines and the processes used in manufacturing them. Because most of the magazines were available to the general public, the articles also served to instill some confidence in the people who were supporting the war effort.


Design Analysis articles

The Design Analysis articles have been reproduced in searchable PDF, so the pagination of the text differs somewhat from the originals. The Times New Roman font is not quite as attractive as the original Linotype-set fonts, but it should be familiar and it makes a readable text. Since this project was intended as a reference resource, I felt the convenience of searchable article files was worth the extra effort.

General design articles

Other articles dealt with design issues, but without going into the kind of nuts-and-bolts detail of the Design Analysis articles.