Since the details of production organization and process were of interest to the readership of the trade magazines that are my primary sources, there is a pretty good selection of articles dealing with various aspects of producing the aircraft and getting them ready for the firing line.

Even with the prodigious output of the airplane manufacturers, it was simply not possible to produce planes fast enough to make them disposable. As a result, maintenance, repair and overhaul facilities were a key element in maintaining a sufficient force to pursue the war plans. Ordinary maintenance and repair took place on — or next to — the flightline, at the operational base. Repairs sufficient to get a crashlanded plane back into the air, at least sufficiently so to get it back to a fixed base for more extensive repair, were effected in the field. More serious repair jobs were sent to depot-level bases, like "Little America". Planes still flyable but needing even more extensive work — repairs or upgrades — could be flown back to the USA, to places like Oklahoma City Air Depot for complete overhaul, up to virtually rebuilding the plane.