The Focke-Wulf Fw-190 Würger, in its many variations was considered by many to be the Luftwaffe's best fighter plane. It makes anyone's list of the top ten fighters of the war, and makes most peoples' top five, in at least one of its models.

A captured Fw-190 was tested at Wright Field. While it was there, it provided the basis for a Design Analysis article in the October, 1944 issue of Aviation magazine [ PDF, 16.1 MiB ] , [ HTML ]. The PDF includes a short article on a Fw-190A3 and one on the BMW801A engine (in the power egg from a Do-217, but the engine is very similar to the version in the Fw-190 short-nose models), and a cutaway.

Being an Axis plane, the Fw-190 was not the subject of much coverage in American magazine articles. There were a few though: