"On July 19, 1934, Boeing Airplane Company was re-incorporated as a Delaware corporation and began operations on September 1, 1934. On August 15 the name of the Seattle organization was changed to Boeing Aircraft Company and the Canadian subsidiary to Boeing Aircraft of Canada Limited. A few days later Boeing Airplane Company acquired all the capital stock of Boeing Aircraft Company and of the Stearman Aircraft Company, a Kansas corporation with plant at Wichita. C L Egtvedt was named president of Boeing Airplane Company and Boeing Aircraft Company." —"Boeing corporate portrait" [ HTML ]

The above quotation describes the organization of Boeing during the war years, the Boeing that we WWII buffs tend to think of, fondly.

A corporate history timeline is derived from entries in A Chronicle Of The Aviation Industry In America 1903 • 1947, subtitled "A Salute To The Aviation Industry."