Fairchild Aircraft Division of The Fairchild Engine and Airplane Corporation was not a player of the caliber of a Boeing or a Douglas, but they made their own contributions to the war effort. Their biggest plane, the C-82 Packet transport, did not go operational before V-E Day and its biggest contribution was as the immediate ancestor of the postwar C-119 Flying Boxcar. Their AT-21 Gunner and UC-61 Forwarder did yeoman's service, mostly behind the scenes, and many, many pilots got their primary training in the PT-19 Cornell.

A historical timeline of Sherman Fairchild and his companies had been compiled from A Chronicle Of The Aviation Industry In America 1903 • 1947.

The Fairchild Engine and Airplane Corporation was also the producer of the Ranger inline aircraft engines which powered Fairchild's AT-21 and PT-19 planes and the Grumman Widgeon.

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