Fleetwings, Incorporated, later the Fleetwings Division of Kaiser Cargo, Incorporated, was primarily a sheet-metal (largely stainless steel) fabrication company. In 1934 they acquired the facilities of Keystone Aircraft Corp. During the war years they were mostly involved with subcontracting for many of the larger aircraft manufacturers and with a line of hydraulic equipment. Their only aircraft of note was the BT-12 Sophomore an all-stainless-steel basic trainer, which was produced in small quantities.

Jane's lists Curtiss-Wright, Republic, Douglas, Vought and Sikorsky Divisions of United Aircraft, Brewster, Grumman, "and others" as prime contractors who subbed with Fleetwings.

A historical timeline compiled from A Chronicle Of The Aviation Industry In America 1903 • 1947, subtitled "A Salute To The Aviation Industry", gives a capsulized history of the company.

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