The career of this amazing company was launched when Allan Loughhead taught himself to fly in 1910. Allan and his brother, Malcolm, built their first airplane in 1912. It was a three-place seaplane in which hundreds of air-minded passengers were subsequently given their first flights at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition at San Francisco in 1915. The first small factory of the Loughhead brothers went into operation in 1916 at Santa Barbara. The organization became a company in 1926 and moved to Hollywood a year later, then to the present site at Burbank in 1928. The name was changed at this time to Lockheed to conform with the proper pronunciation of the Loughhead brothers' name.
—"Lightning Strikes as Lockheed Goes to War" in the June, 1943, Aviation.

The history of the company is laid out, if incompletely, in the Lockheed Aircraft Corporation timeline compiled from entries in A Chronicle Of The Aviation Industry In America 1903 • 1947, subtitled "A Salute To The Aviation Industry."

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