This page exists primarily as a cross-reference to planes indexed by airframe manufacturer and a listing of manufacturers active during the war years. Some of the individual manufacturer pages will reference articles dealing with the manufacturer, others will only list types built by that manufacturer. The manufacturers list will attempt to include all builders listed in Jane's all the World's Aircraft 1945-6, Jane's Fighting Aircraft of World War II, Aviation's annual Yearbook listings 1940-1944, and any other sources I have at hand. Not all builders will have pages, since many did not produce active-service aircraft or engines during the war.

Something that is easily lost in this era of virtually faceless corporations run by MBAs and financiers is the degree to which the personalities running the companies of the War years influenced and affected the operations of the industries. Many of the manufacturers listed below were still being run by their founders. More than a few of the others were run by men who had come up through the engineering or design ranks, so that they tended to be more aviation-oriented and less business-oriented than we are accustomed to dealing with in the 21st century, Which makes the degree of cooperation among the various manufacturers toward the war effort all the more remarkable, given the complex personal histories that existed between many of them.

Many of the American companies are mentioned in Eaton's A Chronicle Of The Aviation Industry In America 1903 • 1947, subtitled "A Salute To The Aviation Industry." Historical timelines derived from the entries in the Chronicle are marked with a [timeline] button. The complexity of the relations among the companies and the jungle of similar names, renames, reorganizations, and mergers is obvious in some of the timelines. Something else that shows from a couple of the timelines is just how difficult it was to be successful in the aviation industry in the US, especially during the Depression years.

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