Beyond doubt, the iconic Japanese warplane was the Zero in its several manifestations — Zeke, clipped-wing Hamp and float-equipped Rufe, and perhaps others. The Zeros were not the be-all and end-all of Japanese air capability, though. Descriptions and new-plane introduction clips, along with some evaluations of the JAF and the IJN air arm (many of which seem little better than trash-talking) and other related articles are listed here.

Early on, a Zeke was recovered in the Aleutians and brought to San Diego, where it was measured, inspected, tested and evaluated:

Later, a Hamp — S-002, Zeke 32, A6M3-32 — was recovered and received much the same treatment. It was featured in a Design Analysis article [ HTML ] , [ PDF, 12.8 MiB ] in the May, 1945.