Lightplanes, staples of general aviation, were an important factor in aviation industry magazines between the wars and coverage continued during the War, even if nearly all production was going to military uses. Many civil aviation planes were conscripted for the war effort. They and their new-manufacture siblings saw duty in liaison craft, ambulance, VIP transport, light cargo and general go-fer service. Most were assigned designations in the L- or UC- series. Some were impressed as trainers and received PT-, BT-, or AT- designations. Some of the twins were assigned C- series designations.

Those assigned C- or UC- designations can be found in the Cargo/Transport planes section of the US Types page.
Conscripted trainers can be found in the American trainers section of the Types index page.

Liaison types, L-planes
Utility types, C- or UC-planes

The planes
Stinson Model 74 Vigilant
Stinson was absorbed by Vultee, which merged with Consolidated to become
Consolidated Vultee.
The Model 74 was initially the O-49, redesignated L-1. Taylorcraft Model D
Initially O-57, the plane was redesignated L-2 Grasshopper

One conscripted plane was designated UC-95, redesignated L-2F
The L-2 airframe was adapted to produce the TG-6 training glider Aeronca 65TC Defender
Initially O-58, the plane was redesignated L-3 (Navy JR-1)
Some 4 dozen Defenders and Super Chiefs were conscripted as versions of L-3.
The L-3 airframe was adapted to produce the TG-5 training glider
Like most of the planes in this category, the Aeronca was often referred to as a Grasshopper
Piper J-3 Cub
Initially O-59, the plane was redesignated L-4 Grasshopper
Navy NE (NE-1, NE-2) Grasshopper versions were dual-control
Conscripted planes were initially UC-83A, redesignated L-4C
The L-4 airframe was adapted to produce the TG-8 training glider
Stinson/Vultee V-76 Sentinel
Initially O-62, redesignated L-5 Sentinel, Navy OY (OY-1, OY-2)
The V-76 was developed from the Model 105 Voyager
Interstate S-1 Cadet
Initially XO-63, redesignated L-6A Grasshopper
Foreign sales designated L-8A Cadet
Waco Model 17 Staggerwing
Both contracted and conscripted planes were designated UC-43
Navy designation was GB (GB-1, GB-2); one JB-1 VIP transport
Noorduyn Norseman
The Canadian-built Norseman was initially C-64, redesignated UC-64.
Howard DGA-15
Navy GH — GH-1, GH-3 liaison planes, GH-2 Nightingale ambulance plane.
USAAF conscripted planes as UC-70.
Waco E Series
Conscripted planes were designated UC-72
Stinson SR Reliant
The Reliant did duty as ambulance (2 stretchers), cargo/ambulance, target towing, firefighting, photographic plane.
All UC-81 were conscripted civilian planes.
Four planes were conscripted as L-12 Reliant