A tremendous amount of folklore about the Mitsubishi A6M Zero was created in the early stages of the war, especially when US and British fighter pilots tried to dogfight with them. The planes' maneuverability, rate of climb, range, and service ceiling made them exceedingly dangerous foes. Changes in Allied tactics for dealing with Zeros quickly turned the tide, and Allied kill ratios became quite high.

At the beginning of the war when code names were being assigned, the codename Zeke was assigned to the Zero, nominally to the entire A6M series. Later, two variants were given code names of their own: A6M2-N (float plane) was named Rufe (Rufe was built by Nakajima); A6M3-32 became Hamp — originally, Hap, but it is said that General Arnold was not amused, so the name was changed. Because a Design Analysis article was published, the Hamp is covered in a section of its own.


A few articles focused on the Zero were published: