Lockheed's iconic P-38 was featured in Design Analysis articles in both Aviation [ HTML ] and Industrial Aviation [ HTML ] magazines. Both articles appeared in the August, 1944, issues. Air Tech had produced a slightly less detailed article [ HTML ] in June, 1943; it has considerably less text but is as well illustrated. Many of the illustrations are essentially the same in the three articles.
A draft PDF [ PDF, 33.5 MiB ] includes both of the Aviation and Industrial Aviation Design Analysis articles and a short article from the January, 1943, issue of Aviation, "Lockheed P-38 Has Wide Range of Tactical Uses."

A color phantom rendering from the Industrial Aviation Design Analysis article was used to develop some wallpapers. The drawing was by Reynold Brown.
The rendering, except for text inclusions, seems identical to one published in the April, 1945, issue of Flying.

The Lightning was an important player in the early years of the war, so it was subject of several articles.