Air Quiz No 16
Curtiss Caravan8
Threat to PanamaVincente Calderon12
Official Army-Navy Spotters’ Glossary18
Spotters’ Review20
Red CometsJames L H Peck24
Avro Lancaster29
Around the World in Fifteen Years30
Bulletin Board36
Are You Fit To Be a Pilot?40
Famous Flights44
Ten Tips for Air CadetsFlight Instructor L A Shaver  48
Portrait of the Corsair 52
Fire Control54
Combat Cousins of the Jap Zero56
The Link Trainer58
The Mosquito Bomber60
Lightning Strikes as Lockheed Goes to War63
O-47 Crew69
London LetterRalph Michaelis70
Ice Indicator71
War PerspectiveLeonard Engel74
Wing Tips79
Answers to Air Quiz No 1
and Spotters' Review
Air Mail82


RAF Chutists6
Mare NostrumBy James L H Peck10
Conquest of the Air15
Lockheed Constellation20
Winter Air WarBy Leonard Engel23
Spotters' Quiz No 1327
Answers to Spotters' Quiz No 1328
Aerial Cameraman: Rudy Arnold30
London LetterBy Ralph Michaelis32
Flying for FunBy Leonard Engel36
Famous Flights40
Flying Generals44
Challenge of the Channel46
Helium for HitlerBy Lieut Fred Tupper  48
Bulletin Board50
Air Mail54
War Perspective56
Wing Tips58
Lifesavers for Pilots60


War Perspective
Wing Tips8
Hard-Hitting Hell Divers10
What's Happened to Italy’s Air Force?14
Designs for Cargo20
Spotters' Quiz No 1425
Answers to Spotters' Quiz No 1426
Bulletin Board28
London LetterBy Ralph Michaelis  31
RAF Mine-Layers36
Behind the Battler38
Jordanoff "Dictionary"42
Famous Flights44
"Air Force"48
Air Digest54
Air Mail60


The Messerschmitt 210By Paul Andrews7
Wartime WeathermenBy Leonard Engel10
Squaring the CircleBy James L H Peck14
One Day of War — Russia, 1942Reviewed by Lester Ott19
The Mustang — Fast-Flying Bronco22
The Short Stirling, Block-Busting Bomber23
Flights That Failed26
Britain at WarBy Ralph Michaelis28
Portrait of the B-24 Liberator32
Ship Spotting Becomes Army Game34
Spotters' Quiz Number 1535
Answers to Spotters' Quiz Number 1536
Proving Ground for Victory38
Commando Mechanics42
Air Digest46
Air Mail48
Wing Tips56
Nazi "Wright Field"58
Bulletin Board60


Bulletin Board6
Wings tor the DragonBy Leonard Engel8
College for Combat12
Freedom of the AirBy Paul Andrews14
Portrait of the B-1718
Doctors of DestructionBy Lieut Allan Scholin20
Britain at WarBy Ralph Michaelis, RAF  23
Four-Color Plane Portraits29
Spotters' Quiz No 16, Twin-Engine Jap Planes31
Answers to Spotters' Quiz No 1632
The Army Goes to Yale34
The Air Offensive Against GermanyBy Allan Michie38
Famous Flights40
Wing Tips44
War Perspective46
Air Mail50
Air Digest52


Bulletin Board6
Tokyo Raid8
Famous Flights10
Global Air WarBy Lt Col Nathaniel F Silsbee  13
Cumulo-Nimbus Clouds Play Pranks on Pilots16
Britain at WarBy Ralph Michaelis18
New Nazi Planes22
Flying Battleships23
Wings tor the Leathernecks27
Full Color Plano Portraits31
Spotter's Quiz No 1735
Answers to Spotter's Quiz No 1736
Leakproof Fuel Tanks38
Millionaire Sport Trains Blimp Crews40
Vengeance for America44
Air Mail48
Seadrome Route to Europe50
Wing Tips52


Wing Tips6
Bulletin Board10
Air Keys to InvasionBy Leonard Engel13
Spotter's Quiz No 18 — Low-Wing Primary Trainers 17
Plane Portraits — SB2A, P-38, A-17A, P-4318
Answers to Spotter's Quiz No 1822
Life Savers With Wings24
Britain at WarBy Ralph Michaelis  26
Veteran Airline Goes to WarBy H L Keeler28
Negative Stagger By Winfield Foster30
Clipper Navigators Take Vital War Role32
Aerial Cameraman: William Wagner36
Shangri-La, USA38
Plane Portraits — SB2U, F4F, HE-1, P-40, B-23, O-4340
Traffic Cops of the Air44
Air Mail46
Famous Flights52
Air Digest56


Air Digest4
Wing Tips8
Bulletin Board10
Aerial Cameraman: William Larkins12
The Dive Bomber14
Tomorrow’s VacationBy Paul Andrews16
Britain at WarBy Ralph Michaelis18
The Elements of Air Defense20
Plane Portraits in Color22
Whittler’s BrothersBy William L Wright  26
Mighty MidgetsBy Leonard Engel28
Famous Flights30
Spotter's Quiz No 1931
Anatomy of High AltitudeBy Eric Sloane32
Answers to Spotter's Quiz No 1934
Air Movies "Spittire"36
Air Mail44


New Guinea Raid4
Bulletin Board8
The Hellcat is a LadyBy William S Friedman10
The Luftwaffe — Dead or DyingBy Leonard Engel12
Aerial Cameraman — Peter M. Bowers15
Goose Airport — Key Air BaseBy David K. Findlay 16
Spotter's Quiz No 2019
Plane Portraits in Color —
Beech AT-1, Cessna AT-8.
Britain at WarBy Ralph Michaelis, RAF22
Warbird Clinic24
Plane Portraits in Color —
Sikorsky Helicopter, Kellett Autogiro, Fairchild C-61
Cross Country Colossus28
Famous Flights30
2,000 Years of Aviation in StampsBy Doris Alexander 32
Answers to Spotter's Quiz No 2034
Plane Portraits in Color —
Noorduyn UC-64, Fairchild PT-19
Douglas Debut38
Wing Tips39
Silent FlightBy Flight Lieutenant John Pudney  40
Beaching the CatsBy Harold Kulick42
Britain’s Legless PilotBy Michael B. Drayson44
War Perspective48
Air Digest52
Air Mail56


Bulletin Board4
Famous Flights11
Diesels or DisastersBy Stanley Washurn, Jr14
Spotter’s Quiz No 2117
Plane Portrait in Color — AT-6, P-4018
Forty Years from KittyhawkBy Paul Andrews19
Flight SurgeonBy Frederic Sondern, Jr22
Pacific EnigmaBy Leonard Engel24
Sixty Minutes in an Avro Lancaster26
Spotter’s Answers28
Britain at WarBy Ralph Michaelis, RAF30
Plane Portrait in Color — Grumman G-21B32
Air Executive33
Public Relations42
Wing Tips45
Air Mail52


Spotter’s Quiz No 2210
Maps and How to Understand Them12
The Hellcat is a LadyBy William S Friedman16
2-Way StretchBy J Paul Andrews18
Burma InvasionBy Leonard Engel20
The Flagship SagaBy Adelaide Bry22
Britain At WarBy Ralph Michaelis, RAF  24
Plane Portraits in Color
…Brewster SB2A26
…Handley-Page Hampden27
…Douglas C-5428
…Vought F4U29
Aviation MasqueradeBy Clarence G Beardslee  30
Famous Flights32
A Guy Named SmithBy Doris Alexander34
Spotter's Answers 35
Bulletin Board36
Air Executive37
Wing Tips41
…Air Mail50

December, 1943 — January, 1944

Hands Across the RunwayBy William S Friedman14
Exiles in the Air17
Don’t Fly With a ColdBy Eric Sloane20
The Mosquito Family TreeBy J Paul Andrews22
Camera Birds26
Bulletin Board28
Spotter’s Quiz No 2329
Boxcars tor BattleBy Peter Masefield30
Empire Air KnotsBy A J Bry32
Stepping Stones to a Setting SunBy Leonard Engel34
A Guy Named SmithBy D B Alexander36
Britain at WarBy Ralph Michaelis, RAF  37
I’m Working With a Bunch of KidsBy Walter Beech38
Air Executive
Spotter’s Answers43
Air Digest46
Wing Tips48
Air Mail58